Vision & Mission


Creating technological foundation of nation by informing & empowering young minds for global exposure and home scale initiatives.


  • To form STEM clubs and raise the awareness of students on STEM issues.
  • To create awareness among the students, educators and parents about the future development of nation through STEM innovation.
  • To inform and encourage students to participate in the local, national and global competitions.
  • To develop cooperative working strategies among students, educators, parents, local organizations and global organizations.
  • To encourage students to think about the home scale environmental problems and actively participate in efforts to solve them.
  • To make sustainable living part of our lives balancing STEM education, Value education and Artistic creation.
  • To promote awareness for the preservation and conservation of the environment.
  • To inspire students and the general public through the use of environmental projects in houses, schools, factories, and other areas of life.
  • To create learning society and grow creative generations with peace, harmony and values.